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This website is a non-commercial website.  We have no expectation of deriving any income or profit from this website. This is not a weight loss, lifestyle, or health care driven site.  Note: Use of these recipes come with no guarantees or promises.  Those with allergies or sensitivities need to aware and exercise good judgement, i.e. avoid what causes issues.  Likes and preferences are yours to choose. For example, you will see NO recipes containing liver from us.  (Thanks to Mr. Rich E. an experience fondly recalled.) There is not a requirement to try any or all of these recipes.  Pick out your favorites.

We are “well seasoned ” seniors.  Life has been good for us. Each of us have had successful careers. We have traveled, lived in many locations and, eaten many different cuisines.  Our goal in creating and maintaining this website, is to share and Bring Back the “Art of Cooking”.  In our opinion, society has tipped too far to fast or prepared foods, reheated in the microwave. The practice of teaching our children, how to cook has been nearly lost.  Everyone however enjoys a great meal.

We live in a small coastal town which is heavily dependent on tourists.  Our town, unlike many, has no chain restaurants, other than fast food (McDonald’s, Sonic, Whataburger, etc.).   During our 16+ years in the area, we have seen many come and go, most lasting 2-3 years.  The advantage to that is we have tasted some great and some not-so-great meals. Most of us are unable to afford to go out for dinner every night, but we still want to have some of those great meals. Paulson Pursuits wants to provide you the opportunity to find those meals you most enjoy. 

We intend this site to be evolving and non-static. As we discover or are shared with recipes, we want to share them.  If some of the posted recipes are not well received, aka poor ratings; we will take them off the website or make adjustments to correct the shortcoming. 

Please feel free to share this site with others, share the recipes, and share that special recipe with us so more can enjoy.  Sharing that great meal or entrée does not diminish your enjoyment.  Family secret recipes unless being kept secret for potential future financial gain does seem to make sense. 

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